NORFAG was formed in 2012 and has of today more than 100 members. We are constantly working to expand the range of benefits and all ideas are welcome.

Membership database
You can access the membership database via our website. Customers looking for a particular translator can do so by defining language pairs, subject areas, type of text (i.e. technical, academic etc.). We are working to make the database available to search engines.

Access to resources at
This is your one-stop destination for dictionaries, databases and other language-related items of use to translators.
These are main features of
  • Full access to most of the dictionaries at, i.e., Norwegian and English dictionaries (including Oxford, technical, medical, financial), as well as German, French and Spanish
  • Access to Encyclopedia Britannica
  • User-generated glossaries
  • Opportunity to conduct searches in O-ringen’s database
  • List of websites suggested by users, including free dictionaries and other useful websites
  • Idiomaten – idiosyncratic and useful Norwegian translations of common English expressions
  • Other useful things such as grammar-related topics, general language discussions, conversion calculators for weights and measures, etc. gives translators access to a diversity of useful resources brought together by the network's users. It is a closed forum for members of various Norwegian translator associations (NFF, NO, Navio, STF, Norla and NORFAG).

Access to Clue Premium Online
Clue Norway AS offers NORFAG members a twelve-month online subscription free of charge to Clue Premium’s Norwegian-English / English-Norwegian technical dictionary. The dictionary has terms and 200 different areas such as banking, energy, insurance, IT, law, management, medicine, oil and gas and finance. It also has monolingual dictionaries in Norwegian Bokmål, Nynorsk, English and a Norwegian medical dictionary.

With Clue Online you have access to dictionaries on any browser or device, and a dedicated app is available for use in smartphones (iOS and Android).

Financial and accounting services from VIEW FRILANS
View Freelance offers NORFAG members financial and accounting services for a fixed, low and predictable price. The offer includes a financial application, accounting services and annual accounts.

Special discounts for members of NORFAG:
  • Introductory offer: Half price start-up cost – EPF save NOK 600, companies save NOK 900
  • An annual webinar for NORFAG members
  • One hour’s free consultation worth NOK 920

Fixed price services include:
  • Complete accounting from A to Z
  • System access
  • Billing and accounting module
  • Legally approved accounting
  • Scanning and digital storage for 5 or 10 years
  • Continual monitoring and reporting
  • Simplified supervision during the year
  • Permanent contact person
In addition, NORFAG can use View Freelance as a resource on specific issues of importance to our members.

Discount at Eldorado Bokhandel
All NORFAG members get a 25% discount when they buy books and other items from Eldorado Bokhandel (

Courses and social events
NORFAG encourages networking and socializing by arranging courses in the use of translation tools, and arranging inspiring conferences and social events for members. NORFAG members always enjoy special prices for association events and we can also help with conference and travel expenses in particular cases.

Get in touch with NORFAG to learn more about how members can get special prices and support.

We continue to work on getting good group discounts on insurance, translation tools and other amenities of use to nonfiction translators.

As of today, perhaps the greatest advantage is that membership of NORFAG denotes a high standard of work which you can use when marketing your services as a translator. Over and above this, you will obviously be helping your own special interest group to get up and running to act on your behalf.

Don’t hesitate get in touch if there’s anything you’re wondering about or would like to praise or criticize.