NORFAG is an interest organization which promotes your interests as a professional translator of non-fictional prose. All you need to do is to join and support the work of the organization as much as possible.

NORFAG was formed by and for freelance translators. Most of our members are self-employed and registered with the Brønnøysund register or similar registries abroad. In 2016, we began offering a new form of membership. In addition to ordinary membership (for freelance members) we now have a category for people employed in or by agencies: an agency or employee membership. Translators working for translation agencies, government institutions and the private sector can apply for membership – provided they have the same qualifications in terms of education and translation experience as our freelance members. Agency members are not included in the searchable membership database on our website, and certain areas of our discussion forum will still be restricted to freelance members only. There are some limitations with regard to board representation as well.

NORFAG membership criteria
Trained and experienced translators can become members of the association forthwith; for others, membership can be determined on the basis of other criteria:
  1. Applicants should have qualifications in translation or other disciplines at university or an equivalent level. In Norway that means a qualifications in translation and intercultural communication (formerly programme in translation studies) from the University of Agder (UiA), a degree in translation studies from the University of Bergen or from the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration (NHH). Equivalent qualifications from foreign universities and colleges are also accepted.
  2. Other qualifications (for example in law or economics) may be approved if accompanied by a comprehensive, documented application. The applicant must provide three references with names and email addresses. It is important that the references allow us to assess both the linguistic and academic quality of the translations.
  3. The translator translates into or from Norwegian.
  4. The translator is registered with the Brønnøysund Register Centre or comparable registry abroad. NORFAG is primarily an association of individuals who sell their services to agencies and clients directly, and is designed for example for individuals running a business along the lines of the “sole proprietorship” model. Other types of business organization may be considered if the firm consists of a single person or a very small number engaged primarily in translation work, not in outsourcing or mediating translation jobs.
  5. The applicant has practised as a translator for at least two years. On request, applicants must be able to substantiate a given magnitude of work, that the work has been regular and is continuing. Magnitude in this sense means at least 50,000 words per year, or alternatively an invoiced revenue of 50,000 Norwegian kroner per  year on average over a two year period.
NORFAG’s Board may grant exemptions from these criteria on an individual basis.

The mentoring scheme
Recently graduated translators without the necessary work experience to join NORFAG as an ordinary member can become affiliated to the organization as candidate members.

Each candidate will have their own personal mentor. The mentor reads the candidate’s translations, offers advice and suggests what the candidate might consider doing to become a more proficient translator.

Candidate members are included in the “Find a translator” database on NORFAG’s web pages, but are referred to as candidate members.

To enrol as a candidate, you need to submit one or more copies of your diploma(s) verifying qualifications obtained from the following places of learning: Translation and Intercultural Communication programme (formerly non-fiction translation programme) at the University of Agder; translation programme at the University of Oslo (Master’s degree); translation studies at the University of Bergen; or translation studies at the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration. Qualifications from equivalent programmes at foreign universities and colleges will also be accepted.

Translators without university/college qualifications will need to submit a presentation of themselves along with a sample translation to the Board of NORFAG. If the sample translation is approved, the translator will be welcomed as a candidate member. The job of assessing sample translations rotates among Board members.

The mentor offers the candidate useful, practical and constructive advice related to the candidate’s translation. For instance, a mentor might tell a candidate where to find specific terminological resources or guidance on style.

The mentor’s fee is agreed by the candidate and mentor in conjunction. Candidates are usually expected to procure work for assessment themselves.

After 5,000 words in various subject areas and from 3 separate assignments (or parts of assignments) have been assessed, the mentor may endorse the candidate as an ordinary member of NORFAG. If the mentor remains unsure as to whether the candidate's work is of a sufficiently high standard, the assessment can continue for another 5,000 words.

Translations in all of the candidate’s target languages will be assessed.

When the mentor considers the work of the candidate to be good enough, the mentor submits a copy of their assessment to the Board. The Board then assesses whether to grant full membership to the candidate in question. If the candidate translates to or from a language which members of the Board lack the competence to assess, the Board may consult with other NORFAG members with expertise in said language.

Candidate members who are not granted full membership during the course of the mentoring arrangement are nevertheless entitled to apply for ordinary membership after two years if they then meet the criteria.

Support membership
NORFAG also has a “support membership” option. Supporting members are businesses and individuals with an interest in supporting NORFAG but without meeting the criteria for ordinary membership. Supporters’ names will feature on a list of supporting members on the NORFAGs website. Supporting members will also be able to display logos and links to their own publicity sites.

Apply for membership
You can use our electronic application form.

Annual membership rates (in Norwegian kroner)
Freelance: NOK 1000
Agency: NOK 700
Candidate: NOK 500
Businesses with logo and webpage link: NOK 5000 Businesses without logo and webpage link: NOK 1000 Support member: NOK 250

NORFAG's bank account
Norsk fagoversetterforening (NORFAG)
Account no.: 1204.04.49300
Bank: DNB Bank ASA, NO-0021 Oslo